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Stuck with the Movie Star

In an attempt to save my career, I ask the new makeup artist to pretend to date me. There’s just one problem… she hates me.

As a rising star in Hollywood and half of LA’s “It” couple, my days are filled with filming, partying, and being with my newest leading lady.

The life, right?


After our not-so-mutual breakup, being on location in New York together is a recipe for disaster.

I need to divert her advances before this project goes south, so I impulsively announce that I’m dating the new makeup artist.

Good idea, Ian.


The fiery redhead is smart with a quick wit and sinful black combat boots.

Madison is also my ex-girlfriend—and she despises me.

To make matters worse, the second the media catches wind of us high school sweethearts reuniting, we’re all anyone can talk about.

During one of my numerous attempts to earn Madison’s forgiveness for this public fiasco, we get stuck together.

Which is when I realize she doesn’t hate me, after all.

In fact, our chemistry is as intense as ever, and it’s not long before the headlines of our fateful reconnection become true.

But when the credits roll, and I head back to my home on the opposite coast, will it be the end of us too?

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