Stuck with a Date

It’s all fun and games… until my ex-girlfriend wins a date with me.

I only agreed to do the bachelor auction because it’s for a good cause. But I never signed up to go out with the woman who ran out on me, taking our dog—and my heart—with her.

At first, I refuse. I don’t trust her, or myself.

Because the moment I lay eyes on Micah again, I’m too easily reminded of how good we were together.

Plus, she has a few surprises up the sleeve of her fitted shirt.

Micah is persistent. Gorgeous and confident too. Which is all a dangerous combination.

After all, I’m only human, and the temptation is too much to ignore as we share unexpected laughs over drinks and a show.

If I’m not careful, I might end up with more than just a fun night out with an entertaining woman.

I may even give her my heart… again.

*Stuck with a Date is a fun and steamy standalone romcom novella that was featured on the Read Me Romance podcast. This ebook version includes two exclusive chapters, plus a bonus epilogue, not heard on the podcast.

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