Weak for Me

She deserves a knight in shining armor. Not someone like me…


I don’t date. I keep myself distracted with work and ensuring everyone else lives their “best life,” as is the popular saying. My needs are the least of my concerns.

Until I come face to face with Bailey after our show.

She pushes my resolve with her soft curves, quick wit, and quirky personality. But Bailey’s too young and innocent for someone like me. Not to mention, she reminds me of the reason I don’t date in the first place.

I have to keep my hands to myself… for both our sakes.


I thought I’d been in love before, but nothing compares to how I feel about Leo. Or is it simply lust? Either way, I can’t deny the pull between us.

I’m determined to unravel him.

My friends and family warn me against him when they find out Leo’s not only older than me, but he’s also a stripper for Vegas’s hottest show. These are my decisions—and mistakes—to make, though, wherever they may lead me.

Which is right into Leo’s arms. But is our connection enough to overcome the odds stacked against us?

Gambling both of our futures is risky, but perhaps our one night in Vegas can turn into forever.

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